locally-grown queens

My queens are reared here in Polk County, Iowa.   Most of my bees are of Carniolan origin, but because of open-mating, I don’t claim then to be Carniolan.  You can call them “locally-reared mid-western stock” or just good mutts.  Queens are reared from strong colonies exhibiting a list of required traits including: Iowa winter-ability,  honey production, pest & disease resistance, and gentleness.

We are small-scale with this, maintaining only about 20 – 25 mating nucs this year for queen & nuc production.  I try to keep them available from late-spring (May) through late summer (mid-August).

Selling queens is challenging & fun, but right now I don’t really have any intention of “going bigger”.  I guess I’m  not much of a businessman — I’d love to see more & more beekeepers work to increase the availability of locally-grown queens as part of a sustainable beekeeping model.


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